Wednesday Nights @ 7PM - Mission City Church

For Jr. High and High School students between 6th-12th grade.
These nights include activities like team games, worship, small groups, and a Bible lesson.


"Holy Spirit settin' everybody free
Now we lightin' up the city makin' everybody see like
We set the city on fire" —Miles Minnick

Those lyrics from a popular local Christian artist, underline the passion of RIOT YTH.
RIOT YTH is a youth ministry set on seeing a generation lit for Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit.


Small Groups / Message


Meet the Pastors.


OUR WHY: Our heart is that you will feel God’s love in our weekly service and simultaneously feel equipped to navigate the day to day with Him by your side. His house is our priority, excellence is our standard, and generosity is our privilege. All of this is for Him. This is His day, His house, His hour, And it all starts NOW!!! 

Meet the Leaders.




I love REDBULL!!!
I'm a twin
MY WHY: My passion is to serve in youth ministry by sowing into this generation and seeing them be on fire for God!

MY WHY: I want to be the person that I never had growing up, with my hectic life, God has called me to help this generation stay grounded in HIM. 

MY WHY: I have a heart for the youth. I believe they need good moral support and love now more than ever. I want to see God impacting their lives. 


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